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 General Rules.

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PostSubject: General Rules.   Fri Oct 16, 2009 4:23 am

The following rules are applicable anywhere on the boards, they have been put in place to make the forum an enjoyable and fun place to be, all users and staff are expected to abide by them. These rules go in on: 25 April 09.
1 – Flaming Opinions - Respect other people’s views and opinions; do not be rude or offensive to any forum member.

2 – Inappropriate images - Inappropriate images/videos, our forum boards should not be used to post indecent or inappropriate images/videos.
2.1 – Inappropriate sites - Inappropriate sites, our forum boards should not be used to post links to indecent or inappropriate websites.
2.2 – Annoying / Rick Roll Style Sites –Sites that are considered annoying or rick roll style are not allowed to be posted on the forum.

3 – Impersonation - Do not pretend to be someone you are not. This includes pretending to be a member of forum staff.

4 – Posting Rival Links - Do not post or advertise any other website that is considered a rival of Extreme-Fitness.

5 – Adverting PPC sites - Do not advertise sites that offer “free money” this includes referral sites, pay per click sites and paid survey sites.

6 – Posting Private Information - Do not post private conversations, messages or details without permission from the sender/owner, this includes but is not limited to;

- Private Messages (sent via the forum or a AIM service)

- Personal Details (addresses and telephone numbers)

7 – Irrelevant Thread Title - Do not create threads with titles which have little or no relevance to the threads content.

8 – Encouraging Other Members to Break Rules - Do not encourage forum users to break any of the forums rules.

9 – Posting in a different language - Only allowed when you post a translation with it.

10 – Bullying Forum Members - Do not bully/blackmail any member of our community. We will not tolerate any form of bullying/blackmail.

11 – Ignoring a warning - Do not ignore a member of staffs warning. If you feel there is a problem with what they are warning you not to do please PM an administrator.

12 - Do not spam. Every post must be more then 3 words long, and should not be meaningless. (e.g )
12.1 - Do not reply to threads with a post that is not related to the topic. Your post should always be related to an on-topic post made earlier in the thread.

Please followthese rules, or your post will be removed.
Multible rule breaking leads to a forum ban.
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General Rules.
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