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 Things not to suggest

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PostSubject: Things not to suggest   Fri Oct 16, 2009 4:17 am

From times to times there have been alot suggestions in Extreme-Fitness. Alot of them are posted over and over again.
So I'm making a list of stuff, that not to suggest.

*Better server/More game worlds ==> It is question of money, which we don't have to spend.
*Grand exchange ==> Extreme-Fitness is not runescape, its just not needed here. We dont got tens thousands players online every day. Also it needs alot time to make.

*Skillcape emotes ==> they are imbossible to add, unless recoding the whole server.

*Highscores ==> Emps-Scape have had highscores, it were taken off cause it used too much memory. New highscores will probably come with new homepage.

*Summoning/construction ==> thats stupid and not needed.

* HD server ==> As HD i mean 508+. No one really knows yet how to code HD good, even not the best private server makers. Also it may get Jagex to close Emps-Scape.

*Recoloured costum items ==> We got enough of those.

*Various skillcapes ==> Theres no point to have a 126 or 99 cmb skillcape or whatever. Only skillcapes more coming are: Moderator, Admin and donator skillcapes.

*Dragon claws/platebody/-fireshield ==> these are coming.

*Costum items not made by you ==> That includes all the not real godswords, scimitars, vesta sword and that kind of stuff too. We just don't need them.

More is coming soon.
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Things not to suggest
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